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I thought I was supposed to be on holiday...

A summary of the past ten days or so:
I sat in the park a lot, with a variety of people.
I did my viva. It went all right. I don't think I won the prize, but that's all right, since I at least did not make a fool of myself as I expected.
I found out officially that I did pass my exams, and that I got an A for the Project of Doom.
I saw Thea Gilmore live, with [ profile] phoenixdru (who was late. again...) She was wonderful - her voice is even better live, and she was much prettier than I'd expected. Funnier too.
I have had 'Loftmusic' on repeat.
I have done very little writing, although I did make some beta-edits to the [ profile] hp_remix story, which still needs a title.
I have been intimidated by the other [ profile] restituere players, and so got very little done. I'm not sure I'm cut out for RPing, in truth. But that's a whole 'nother ponder.
I have booked my tickets for Canada.
I have told my mother that I want neither her recriminations nor her praise, because they both hurt too much.
I have spent far too much money.
I have not slept nearly as much as I need to.
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