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[ profile] villainny made me join [ profile] mouseai. And then I wrote this.

Inspired by This picture

An angel lives down at the end of our street, slouching in the shadow of the porch of an old, abandoned house. No one sees her halo but me, nor the sweet curve and fall of her wings, to all others lost in the shadow and the black of the door. They pass her by and see nothing, no one, just a flicker of movement they think they imagine, or else, they see a down and out woman with a vodka bottle, a cigarette, and a scrawled plea for change, old before her time. Throwing her a coin, they walk on by and do not think of her again.

I see her there, the down and out angel, and there are days when I think the world holds nothing else but her. She does not speak, that I have ever heard. She makes not a sound, but sits there day by day, watching the world and its people pass by. I thought angels sang, until I found her, silent and beautiful, waiting in the shadows.

I have never even seen her move, save for the flicker of a smile across her face, a smile whose meaning I cannot tell. I sat opposite her a whole day once, sketching the angel and watching that smile come and go. I never want to see it turned on me.


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