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out of what little wits I have, and about to make a huge fool of myself. I've been invited to attend a prize viva - an 20 minute oral exam for the top-scoring 5-10 students in the year to see who should get the end of year prize. I was just convinced I wasn't even going to pass! I'm sure there's some kind of mistake, but it does say my name at the top, so... I'm terrified. I don't remember anything that I learnt for the exams. I surely don't remember anything from first year, because we didn't have to revise that. This is me, making a fool of myself. On Tuesday. Three days notice. I ask you, is that fair?

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I've just got back from seeing PoA. I haven't really absorbed it yet, especially since I was seeing it with a group of six of my friends - rather chatty (and, heh, smutty interpretation-obsessed).

First Impressions. Mostly without context, some spoilers, none major (I think). )

In summary: Squee!
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So yesterday, I got my [ profile] hp_remix drabble to make into a fic. No real ideas as yet, but I think I should be able to make something of it... fingers crossed. And then, as if I didn't have enough to do, I signed up for [ profile] hp_classic and asked for two - two! - scenarios. James and Sirius in the Iliad, and Harry/Hermione/Ron with Shakespeare's Sonnet #42.

I think I may have officially lost my mind. Two months and a bit to finish those, and my [ profile] hp_videostore story. And I'm going to be in Canada working/researching for the whole of July. Oh dear.
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My exams are over. My [ profile] hp_remix drabble is in. And the [ profile] hp_videostore challenge has been extended by two months, so I might actually get that done too.

It's sunny. My exams are over. The summer (holiday and season) is here. Today, I feel like I could do anything. Which is a good thing, really, because I have an awful lot to do in the next month before I flit off to Canada.
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Just one day of exams left. Then serious catching up on sleep, mostly, I think. Skimming my friends list, everyone seems to be doing the colour meme. And I'm curious. So...

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My exams start tomorrow - yes, the end of year, scary, life-changing, at least if I fail ones. This would be why I have been scarce of late - an actual reason. Revision is vile, as I say every year at about this time.

In fandom-ish news, I finished my drabble for [ profile] hpremix. I was going to write another version, but haven't had time and inspiration together, but at least I have one. I am going to have to pull out of [ profile] hpvideostore, especially since I took a break today and read over what I had so far - and promptly scrapped it all. I do want to write it some time, but clearly it won't be any time soon.

Although in truth, I'm not sure how into fandom I still am at all. PoA is out here on the 31st, and I haven't even looked at show times or bookings and whatnot. I'm not really terribly excited at all, although most of my friendslist is talking away. That'll probably change when exams finish though, since I think the exam blues are definitely playing a part.

Tis only 'til friday, after all. If you have any brain cells spare, lend them to me?
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Took my blue belt grading today. A note for anyone who's interested: having an asthma attack about a third of the way in is Not A Good Idea. Really, trust me. For one thing, concentrating on trying to keep breathing and not cough too often makes it very hard to a) concentrate on what the examiner is saying and what that japanese phrase actually means in technique terms, and b) give any sort of decent kiai. Oh well, I struggled through in the appropriate 'Never give up' spirit (one of the eight elements essential to learning Shorinji Kempo, apparently), and managed not to die. I'll find out if I passed on Tuesday, hopefully. I suspect I didn't, but you never know.
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So here, and late, my entry for [ profile] whitemunin's fairytale challenge.

(Temporary) Title: Twas a dark and stormy night
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: JKR's, not mine.
Notes: Thanks, as usual, to Isis and Amanuensis for beta.

East of the Sun, West of the Moon, HP-style. )
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Clone-kin posted a quote in fic based on it. an invitation to write original fic based on it. Her word being my command (or something), I did. Here be
The quote )

And here, (non HP-related!) angst-filled mutterings.

Only God knows where, but it's there, beyond any reach )
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Look! A strange beast on the horizon... I do believe it is a drabble!

Written for [ profile] cjk1701's topic: 'Remus, everyday life in Britain, Muggle or Wizard', although with the definition of 'everyday' rather stretched, I'm afraid
PG, Slave!Remus, non-explicit. Probably in the same universe as the other slave!Remus drabbles, which may or may not be in my memories.

Even unto infinity

Like every other morning for the past year and more, Remus' day starts with the click of a turning lock. Once it would not have woken him, now it brings him instantly alert, ready for his master.

Just like every other day, he is fed and washed and returned to his place, to do as he is bid, just like every other day he does not allow himself to think, not even for a moment, about the days when he used to see the sun every day, when he was his own, and free.

Today is like every other day.
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'Twas dad's birthday today. I paid for everyone's dinner out tonight since he couldn't think of anything he wanted. On Saturday, went up to Birmingham to spend the day with my godmother and her kids. I can remember her daughter being born. She's my height now, and still growing. Her son (a little younger than my sister) is growing a moustache (or possibly, is just lazy). He's much taller than me. Ah, the nostalgia. The gloom and misery. And on Friday, I went paintballing for the first time for a friend's birthday. I enjoyed it much more than I expected, and we're trying to get together a bigger group to go again, since there were only 6 of us this time, we got split up between the two teams, and so we didn't get to plan or strategise, just run around yelling and shooting things...

Fairytale is plodding along, when I have time to write. I keep getting distracted by .hack//Infection, though. Curse the PS2. Or, on second thoughts, not.
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Happy birthday, if nearly late, to [ profile] auxphono. Who is I hope, still alive, somewhere, and having a good day... A busy week for birthdays, it has been.

Started work on the fairytale challenge story yesterday. It's coming along, in a rather more 'storyteller-ish' style than I'd anticipated. Still a few issues to work out. And so I return to it.
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Happy birthday to [ profile] dragon_lord! Hope you have/had the most wonderful of days ^_^
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Happy (slightly belated) birthday [ profile] brigantia_!
I have an excuse - it's still your birthday here!
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The Lion King was on TV today. I was watching it with my sister, and I spent most of the time remaking it with HP characters. Woe, woe is me. Avert! Avert! And I couldn't even exorcise the rewrite demons by muttering at sis, as she does not understand my Potter fascination. Sigh.

Last week of term starts tomorrow. Then a month off, thank goodness. Time to write, hopefully.
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Idea-bunny for the fairytale challenge hit today. Two of them, in fact. I re-read 'East of the Sun, West of the Moon', and decided that Snape/Harry would adapt quite well to it. Then I looked at it a bit more and realised that I could do Snape/Dumbledore as well. Which I don't read, and squicks me a little, but. It would work (almost) as well as Snape/Harry. Thought required, I think. I shall let it stew as I attempt to write something for [ profile] dragon_lord's birthday.
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First things first: Once More, With Hobbits! Fun for anybody who's seen the musical episode of Buffy and likes Lord of the Rings.

The ballet on Tuesday was wonderful, beautiful dancing, lovely music, good design. I wish I could afford to go more often. Our seats were decent but not great, but they were still really quite expensive. On Thursday I was supposed to go to watch QI being filmed with a couple of friends, but there was a technical hitch. Sigh. However, we've been promised priority tickets to another filming, so hopefully that should be all right. Instead we went back to a friend's house and watched Grease *g* And sang along, as you do...

It snowed again on Thursday as well. The weather here is seriously odd. Fun, but odd.

I've signed up to do Pirates of the Caribbean for the [ profile] hp_videostore challenge. Also considering Labyrinth, or possibly Moulin Rouge, but I'm not sure if I'll have time and muses enough.
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I went to see 'The Taming of the Shrew' yesterday. It was a good production, well acted, well designed etc, but I realised that it's not one of my favourite plays any more. I used to really enjoy it, but I didn't like it nearly as much as I remembered. So, an enjoyable play, and well worth the ticket money, but a little sad as well. Sigh.

I've just signed up for [ profile] whitemunin's fairytale challenge. Hopefully I can get something written for it over the Easter holiday, to make up for not actually doing anything for [ profile] scribbulus_ink's Classic Canon Challenge, which I really wanted to do but just didn't have time for.
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I gave blood today and my finger hurts. On the other hand, my elbow, where they actually took blood from, is fine. Yes, the logic of it escapes me too.

I wrote my first Rings-fic today, 300ish words of improv for [ profile] contrelamontre, only to find out that the new challenge has already been posted. Oh well, I'm not sure it's much good anyway. On the other hand, since it being late means I can get a second opinion, maybe I'll post it here later on.
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It's snowing. Really snowing, hard and settling, with no signs of stopping, huge clumps drifting down. It's so beautiful, I love the world like this. Now I'm going to stare out of my window for a while.

EDIT: Well, that was interesting. It settled all right, but by about 5pm it'd all melted again. Lovely while it lasted, though...
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